Conference Program: The 5th International Forum on China’s Image and Global Communication


The 5th International Forum on

China’s Image and Global Communication

Meeting timeJune 18, 2022Saturday)Shanghai Time

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08:30-09:00 Conference Admission


09:00-09:10 Opening Ceremony

HostLYU Nan, Shanghai International Studies University

Keynote SpeechLI Yansong, President of Shanghai International Studies University


09:10-09:15 Photo Session


09:15-09:45 Keynote Speech

Daniel C. Hallin, Professor, University of California, San Diego

Topic: Challenges of Journalistic Professionalism in the Contemporary World


09:55-11:00 Parallel Panels


n  Panel 1: Media & China’s National Image

Moderator: LI Xiaomeng, Shanghai International Studies University

1.     Shuo Tang & Lars Willnat, Syracuse University                                                09:55-10:05

Topic: How the Media Shape the Public Perceptions of China and Covid-19

2.         Cole Highhouse, Bowling Green State University                                       10:05-10:15

Topic: China Content on TikTok: The Influence of Social Media Videos on National Image

3.         Muhammad Khalil Khan, Ningbo Tech University                                      10:15-10:25

Topic: China’s Global Image Making: The Belt and Road Initiative in the Islamic World

4.       Dani Madrid-Morales, The University of Sheffield & Herman Wasserman, University of Cape Town    10:25-10:35

        Topic: How Effective are Chinese Media in Shaping Audiences' Attitudes Towards China? A Survey Analysis in Kenya, Nigeria and  South Africa

Discussant: ZHANG Xiaoling, Xi'an Jiaotong-Liverpool University                            10:35-11:00


n  Panel 2: Public Health & Fact-checking

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Moderator: LYU Nan, Shanghai International Studies University

1.         Janet S. Tibaldo, Asian Institute of Journalism and Communication                         09:55-10:10

Topic: Facts, fact-checking and fact checkers: Understanding the Lived Experiences of Truth Vetters

during a National Election in a Pandemic

2.         Ernest Y. Zhang, University of Missouri                                              10:10-10:25

Topic: Provincial and Municipal Leaders' Coronavirus Discourse Repairs Local Governments' Image

in Early 2020

3.         SHEN Hehe, Shanghai Huaxia Economic Academy                                     10:25-10:40

Topic: Opportunities and Challenges: Long-tail creators' dissemination paths and trends

in the Web 3.0 era

Discussant: Hang Min, Tsinghua University                                                10:40-11:00


n  11:00 - 12:30 Roundtable


The Shanghai Dialogue for the 50th Anniversary of Shanghai Communique


GUO Ke: Dean and Professor, Shanghai International Studies University


1.       Louisa Ha: Editor-in-Chief of Online Media and Global Communication, Professor, Bowling Green State University

2.       CHEN Peiqin: Associate Dean and Professor, School of Journalism and Communication, Shanghai International Studies University

3.       Stephen Hartnett: Professor, University of Colorado-Denver

4.       Hamilton Bean: University of Colorado-Denver

5.       Lars Willnat: Professor, Syracuse University

6.       DONG Qingwen: Professor, University of the Pacific

7.       PAN Ji: Fudan University

8.       ZHOU Qingan: Tsinghua University


12:30-14:00 Break



14:00-14:30 Keynote Speech

ModeratorGUO Ke, Dean and Professor, Shanghai International Studies University

Keynote SpeechHU Zhengrong, Director of Chinese Academy of Social Sciences

Topic: International Communication Effectiveness Enhancement Channel: Shared Values


14:30-16:00 Parallel Panels


n  Panel 3: National Image Construction: New Paradigm & Direction

Moderator: SUO Gefei, Shanghai International Studies University

1.         TANG Runhua & LI Xiaonan, Dalian University of Foreign Languages                     14:30-14:45

Topic: The Efficiency Enhancement Value and Realization Path of IP Operation in International


2.         LI Zhi & QIAO Zidan, Television School of Communication University of China             14:45-15:00

Topic: Research onYouTube platform RTD China-related documentary and its construction

 of China’s image

3.       HONG Changhui, Shanghai University                                               15:00-15:15

Topic: Images and Narratives: War Propaganda in the Age of Social Media

4.     SHEN Yue & JIN Shengjun, Shanghai Normal University                                15:15-15:30

Topic: From Soft Power to Warm Power: The Discourse, Dimension and Vision of China's

International Communication Concept Innovation

Discussant: GUO Ke, Shanghai International Studies University                               15:30-15:50


n  Panel 4: China’s National Image in Global Media

Moderator: ZHENG Chuang, Shanghai International Studies University

1.         CHEN Yasai, Shanghai Normal University                                            14:30-14:45

Topic: Conflict and Complicity: The Image of China in Japanese Media (2012-2021)

2.         LI Zhi, Institute of Communication, Communication University of China                    14:45-15:00

Topic: On the Connotation and Reshaping of national image

3.          ZHANG Weiwei, WU Jiayuan & HUANG Ziting, Sun Yat-sen University                   15:00-15:15

Topic: Analysis of the Framework and Emotional Tendency of Korean Mainstream Media

Reporting on the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area

4.         QIN Jing& NI Hongyue, Zhengzhou University                                        15:30-15:45

Topic: The Representation of China's National Image by YouTube Videos Related to China's

Climate Change

5.         ZHU Li & ZHANG Kaibin, Communication University of China, Zhejiang Normal University   15:15-15:30

Topic:Research on the Change of News Discourse of The Times of India on the Community

of Shared Future for Mankind Initiative (2012-2021)

Discussant: WU Ying, Shanghai International Studies University                               15:15-15:35


n  Panel 5: Olympic Games Beijing 2022 & Sport Communication

Moderator: LU Xinyu, Shanghai International Studies University

1.         CHAI Yue & JING Chenyu, Dalian University of Technology                             14:30-14:45

Topic: Analysis of China's Image Constructed in reporting on the Beijing Winter Olympics by

Spanish-speaking Media in Latin America

2.         XIAN Ming, Dongbei University of Finance and Economics                              14:45-15:00

Topic: Research on the International Communication of Chinese Ping Pong Stories

3.         HUANG Boyang & YUE Zongsheng, Heilongjiang International University, Xiamen University 15:15-15:30

Topic: The Construction and Enlightenment of the National Image of the Winter Olympics Documentary

4.         ZOU Qinghai & DONG Yu, Harbin Engineering University                              15:00-15:15

Topic: Research on the Micro-dissemination of the Beijing Winter Olympics in the Field of

Body Art and Cultural Symbols

Discussant: YAN Yining, Shanghai International Studies University                            15:30-15:50


n  Panel 6: Disinformation & Global Communication

Moderator: LI Xiaomeng, Shanghai International Studies University

1.         WU Xiujuan, Shanghai International Studies University                                  14:30-14:45

Topic: The Spread of Disinformation in the Russian-Ukrainian Mixed War: Information Order,

Public Opinion Manipulation and Legalization Narrative

2.         CHEN Meng, Shanghai Jiao Tong University                                          14:45-15:00

Topic: A Review of the Characteristics, Diffusion and Governance Effects of False Health

Information in Social Media

3.    ZHANG Chunyu, LI Xiaomeng, WANG Qiyu, TANG Yulu & SHAO Yimin, Shanghai International Studies University                                                                      15:00-15:15

Topic:A Review on the Study of Misleading and False Information in Political Communication

4.         SHAO Yimin, Shanghai International Studies University                                 15:15-15:30

Topic: A Review of Global Research on COVID-19 Fact-Checking and a Case Study of China

5.         YE Qiong, Wuhan University                                                      15:30-15:45

Topic: Fact-Checking News in the Internet Age: A Comparative Perspective

Discussant: XU Kaibin, Wuhan University                                                    15:45-16:00


16:00-17:20 Parallel Panels


n  Panel 7: Chinese Culture & Global Communication

Moderator: HOU Wei, Shanghai International Studies University

1.         WANG Zihan & LU Wenjuan, Shanghai International Studies University                                 16:45-17:00

Topic: Public Welfare Communication under the Epidemic

2.         MU Wenyuan, Anhui Broadcasting Movie and Television College                         16:00-16:15

Topic: The Current Situation and Construction of Anhui Cultural Tourism Image in Global Social

Media: An Analysis Based on Instagram Account @anhui_travel

3.         WANG Jing, Shanghai International Studies University                                  16:15-16:30

Topic: The Mediating of Traditional Culture: An Investigation of Media Events Based on the

Chinese Festivals Series

4.         ZHU Lingling, Yangzhou University                                                 16:30-16:45

Topic: Research on the Spatial Production of National Image Driven by Cultural Heritage:

A Case Study of China's Grand Canal

Discussant: CAI Yingzhou, Shanghai International Studies University                                                      17:00-17:20


n  Panel 8Journalism Education and Urban Soft Power

Moderator: LIN Yan, Shanghai International Studies University

1.         WU Feng & JI Ying, Xi’an Jiaotong University                                        16:00-16:15

Topic: Involution and Breaking the Circle: The Latest Progress and Hot Issues in the Going Global

of China's Theoretical Achievements in Journalism and Communication

2.         GUO Ke & CHEN Chen, Shanghai International Studies University                        16:15-16:30

Topic: Rethinking a Chinese Model of Global Journalism in Multi-languages: Global News Practice

 for the Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics

3.         OU Yangjian, Shanghai International Studies University                                  16:30-16:45

Topic:Research on the Global Urban Landscape of Shanghai and its Soft Power

4.         YAN Yining, Shanghai International Studies University                                  16:45-17:00

Topic: Research on Global Multilingual International Public Opinion and Public Opinion Guidance

Mechanism of Major Events

Discussant: ZHU Lian, Shanghai International Studies University                                                   17:00-17:20  


n  Panel 9: Imagining China across Global Media, Industrial, and Educational Landscapes

Moderator: ZHANG Chunyu, Shanghai International Studies University

1.         LI Zhou, Southwest Jiaotong University                                              16:00-16:15

Topic: The ideograph of territorial sovereignty: Framing of China’s Belt and Road Initiative

by the Times of India

2.         JIANG Xinxin, Southwestern University of Finance and Economics                        16:15-16:30

Topic: Mapping China through culinary cartography in Bourdain’s Parts Unknown

3.         JIANG Jing, Hunan University                                                      16:30-16:45

Topic: Work & worldviews: National images in the eye of Chinese and American apparel practitioners

4.         LIU Yang, Beijing Foreign Studies University                                          16:45-17:00

Topic: Cultural bridges and reimagined locations: Western international students’ decision-making of

studying in China

Discussant: JI Yadong, North Central College                                              17:00-17:20


n  Panel 10: Sino-US Relations & National Image

Moderator: SHENG Yingyan,Shanghai International Studies University

1.         WANG Chuanjian & ZHANG Jia, Tianjin Normal University                             16:00-16:15

Topic: Discourse Narratives of the South China Sea in the Study of American Think Tanks (2021-2022)

2.         YAN Jin & XIAO Youliang, Changsha University of Science & Technology                  16:15-16:30

Topic:Discourse Analysis on Sino-US Trade War Reports of Wall Street Journal

3.         CAI Jie, LI Li & CHEN Zhaoyuan, Nanjing University of Finance & Economics, China Agricultural University, Chinese Academy of Social Sciences                                            16:30-16:45

Topic: Can foreign aid help spread the concept of a community with a shared future for mankind:

An analysis based on media reports in recipient countries

Discussant: ZHANG Junfang, Shanghai International Studies University                                                   16:45-17:20


17:20-17:50 Closing Ceremony


Moderator: LYU Nan, Shanghai International Studies University

SummaryCHEN Peiqin, Shanghai International Studies University