Volume 3 Issue 1 April 2024


Publicly Available April 15, 2024



Page range: i-iii

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Research Articles

Open Access March 14, 2024

Victims or villains? How editorial cartoons depict the 2023 Israel – Palestine war

Gregory Gondwe, Carolyn Walcott

Page range: 1-26

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Open Access April 3, 2024

Affect, credibility, and solidarity: strategic narratives of NGOs’ relief and advocacy efforts for Gaza

Linda Ziberi, Lara Lengel, Artan Limani, Victoria A. Newsom

Page range: 27-54

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Open Access March 14, 2024

“Tears have never won anyone freedom:” a multimodal discourse analysis of Ukraine’s use of memes in a propaganda war of global scale

Mark A. Poepsel, Andrew Malo, Chinedu Obuekwe, Mikayla Wilhelm, Valquiria Perea Góngora, David Daiber

Page range: 55-81

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Open Access February 22, 2024

City images in transnational travel vlogs from a multimodal perspective: an investigation of 20 port cities worldwide

Sitian Chen, Yinglei Zang, Ping Yang

Page range: 82-107

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Open Access January 29, 2024

Mobile app adoption comparison between U.S. and Chinese college students: information processing style and use frequency after download

Chenjie Zhang, Weiwei Jiang

Page range: 108-133

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Featured Translated Research Outside the Anglosphere

Open Access March 26, 2024

Automation of visual communication and aesthetic construction of national image: a computational aesthetic analysis of social bots on Twitter

Yangkun Huang, Changfeng Chen

Page range: 134-150