Table of Contents (Volume 1 Issue 3)


Online Media and Global Communication

Volume 1 Issue 3

Themed Issue:  Misinformation and Global Communication

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Page range: i-ii

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Open Access September 12, 2022

Creation, curation and correction of misinformation and global communication


Louisa Ha

Page range: 465-468

Research Articles

Biased, not lazy: assessing the effect of COVID-19 misinformation tactics on perceptions of inaccuracy and fakeness


Stephanie Jean Tsang

Page range: 469-496

Topic and sentiment analysis of responses to Muslim clerics’ misinformation correction about COVID-19 vaccine: Comparison of three machine learning models


Md Enamul Kabir

Page range: 497-523

A duality of belief in conspiracy theories amplification: how active communicative actions work differently by trust in the Trump and Biden administrations


Hyelim Lee, Loarre Andreu Perez, Jeong-Nam Kim

Page range: 524-550

The mediating role of comments’ credibility in influencing cancer cure misperceptions and social sharing


Juan Liu, Carrie Reif-Stice, Bruce Getz

Page range: 551-579

Can older people stop sharing? An ethnographic study on fake news and active aging in Brazil


Marilia Duque, Luiz Peres-Neto

Page range: 580-599

Fact-checking initiatives in Portuguese language countries: checking methods and financing strategies


Lucas Durr Missau, Laura Strelow Storch

Page range: 600-625

Review Article

Online media and global communication research in Nigeria


Eserinune McCarty Mojaye, Oludare Ebenezer Ogunyombo

Page range: 626-647


Gem from the Global South

Open Access September 28, 2022

Disinformation, hoaxes, curation and verification: review of studies in Ibero-America 2017-2020


Javier Guallar, Lluís Codina, Pere Freixa, Mario Pérez-Montoro

Page range: 648-668