Table of Contents (Volume 1 Issue 2)


Online Media and Global Communication

Volume 1 Issue 2


Themed Issue: TikTok, Short Video Apps and Global Communication

Table of Contents



Page range: i-ii

Editorial Essay

Open Access June 28, 2022

Global Content Creation and Consumption Transformation by Short Video Apps


Louisa Ha

Page range: 243-246

Themed Topic Review Essay

Open Access July 22, 2022

A Historical Review and Theoretical Mapping on Short Video Studies 2005–2021


Tao Wei, Xiaohong Wang

Page range: 247-286

Original Articles

Open Access June 8, 2022

TikTok Intifada: Analyzing Social Media Activism Among Youth


Laila Abbas, Shahira S. Fahmy, Sherry Ayad, Mirna Ibrahim, Abdelmoneim Hany Ali

Page range: 287-314

YouTube and TikTok as Platforms for Learning about Others: The Case of Non-Chinese Travel Videos in Shanghai Disneyland


Arthur D. Soto-Vásquez

Page range: 315-338

TikTok/Douyin Use and Its Influencer Video Use: A Cross-Cultural Comparison Between Chinese and US Users


Yang Yang

Page range: 339-368

If I’m not Streaming, I’m not Earning: Audience Relations and Platform Time on Douyin


Anthony Fung, Milan Ismangil, Wei He, Shule Cao

Page range: 369-386

Online Image and Self-Presentation: A Study on Chinese Rural Female Vloggers


Zhi Li, Huijie Zhu

Page range: 387-409

Review Article

Open Access June 17, 2022

A review of online communication research in Hungary


Gergő Háló

Page range: 410-436

Gem from the Global South

Open Access June 28, 2022

The Effect of Children’s Exposure to the YouTube Platform Moshaya Family Channel on Socialization of the Saudi Child Regarding Life Satisfaction


Afnan A. Qutub, Alaa A. Muhammad

Page range: 437-463