Online Media and Global Communication Celebrates International Women's Day


International Women’s Day Celebration

Salute to all women with

OMGC women lead authors and articles on women issues:



Original Articles

Journalistic Practices on Twitter: A Comparative Visual Study on the Personalization of Conflict Reporting on Social Media

Shahira S. Fahmy, Basma Mostafa Taha, Hasan Karademir


Media Exposure and Risk Perception as Predictors of Engagement in COVID-19 Preventive Behaviors: Extending the Theory of Planned Behavior Across Two Cultures

Xuechen Hu, Xingjian Gao, Wenzhen Xu, Jiro Takai


A Historical Review and Theoretical Mapping on Short Video Studies 2005–2021

Tao Wei, Xiaohong Wang


TikTok/Douyin Use and Its Influencer Video Use: A Cross-Cultural Comparison Between Chinese and US Users

Yang Yang


Online Image and Self-Presentation: A Study on Chinese Rural Female Vloggers

Zhi Li, Huijie Zhu


Biased, not lazy: assessing the effect of COVID-19 misinformation tactics on perceptions of inaccuracy and fakeness

Stephanie Jean Tsang

A duality of belief in conspiracy theories amplification: how active communicative actions work differently by trust in the Trump and Biden administrations

Hyelim Lee, Loarre Andreu Perez, Jeong-Nam Kim


The mediating role of comments’ credibility in influencing cancer cure misperceptions and social sharing

Juan Liu, Carrie Reif-Stice, Bruce Getz


Can older people stop sharing? An ethnographic study on fake news and active aging in Brazil

Marilia Duque, Luiz Peres-Neto

Social media behavior during uprisings: selective sharing and avoidance in the China (Hong Kong), Iran, Iraq, and Lebanon protests

Claudia Kozman, Clement Y. K. So, Sahar Khalifa Salim, Mostafa Movahedian, Jana El Amin, Jad Melki


Translated articles

Scientific Disinformation in Times of Epistemic Crisis: Circulation of Conspiracy Theories on Social Media Platforms

Thaiane Oliveira, Zijun Wang, Jingxin Xu

The Effect of Children’s Exposure to the YouTube Platform Moshaya Family Channel on Socialization of the Saudi Child Regarding Life Satisfaction

Afnan A. Qutub, Alaa A. Muhammad

On representation of conflict in modern academic discourse

Elena Vartanova, Anna Gladkova, Denis Dunas