Table of Contents (Volume 2 Issue 1)


Volume 2 Issue 1

March 2023

Publicly Available April 7, 2023



Page range: i-iii


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Editorial Essay

Global streaming media, European green consumption, perception of China before & after COVID-19 and online memes on corruption


Louisa Ha

Page range: 1-2

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Original Articles

Open Access March 1, 2023

Streaming media business strategies and audience-centered practices: a comparative study of Netflix and Tencent Video

Wenjia Tang, Mingou Wei

Page range: 3-24

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Open Access March 28, 2023

What influences public support for plastic waste control policies and green consumption? Evidence from a multilevel analysis of survey data from 27 European countries

Hong Tien Vu, Jeff Conlin, Nhung Nguyen, Annalise Baines

Page range: 25-53

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Open Access March 21, 2023

News exposure and Americans’ perceptions of China in 2019 and 2021

Shuo Tang, Lars Willnat

Page range: 54-76

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Open Access March 28, 2023

“We are only to Appear to be Fighting Corruption…We can’t even Bite”: online memetic anti-corruption discourse in the Ghanaian media

Michael Ofori, Felicity Sena Dogbatse

Page range: 77-99

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Review Essay

Open Access March 22, 2023

Online communication studies in Brazil: origins and state of the art

Afonso de Albuquerque, Raquel Recuero, Marcelo Alves dos Santos Junior

Page range: 100-121

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Featured Translated Research Outside the Anglosphere

Open Access March 17, 2023

The “computational turn”: an “interdisciplinary turn”? A systematic review of text as data approaches in journalism studies

Valerie Hase, Daniela Mahl, Mike S. Schäfer

Page range: 122-143

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