Call for Papers: The 29th AMIC Annual Conference


Talk ASAP: Africa-Asia Pacific Dialogue on Communication Issues

The Asian Media Information and Communication Centre (AMIC) invites submission of abstracts for parallel sessions during the 29th AMIC Annual Conference 2023. The conference will be held on 28 to 30 September 2023 in Bandung, Indonesia. The Universitas Padjadjaran and Far Eastern University have been invited as co-host higher educational institutions, while the University of Pretoria has been invited as institutional partner. The deadline for submission of abstracts is on 28 June 2023.

Abstracts must be submitted via this link:


These are indicative themes only. 

Communication Theories and Research Paradigms

Decolonizing Asian and African Communication Theories and Paradigms

(Re)discovering Asian and African Communication Research Paradigms, Approaches, and Tools

Convergence of Asian, African, and Western Communication Theories

Development Communication in Asia and Africa: Latest Discoveries, New Lessons

Challenges to and Lessons Learned from Broadening Democratic Space in Asia and Africa

Communication and Journalism Education

The Future of Communication and Journalism Education in Asia Pacific and Africa

Offering New Communication and Journalism Subjects to Meet Communication and Journalism Education in the 21st century

Creative and Innovative Teaching-Learning Philosophies & Practices

New Competencies for Communication and Journalism Educators 

Digitally-Enabled Pathways to Communication and Journalism Education

Open Learning and Distance Education

Artificial Intelligence in Education

Disinformation Studies

Understanding the Architecture of Disinformation

Disinformation as an Industry

Disinformation and Misinformation Strategies and Tools

Can Regulating Disinformation Work?

Success Stories in Addressing Disinformation & Misinformation


Media and Information Literacy

Integrating MIL in Formal and Nonformal Education System

Youth as Truth Defenders and MIL Champions

MIL and Intercultural Dialogue

MIL in Local Communities

Best Practices in MIL Education


Community Media and Public Service Media

The Resilience of Community Media and Public Service Media Amid Socio-Political, Economic, and Technological Challenges

The Role of Community Media: Empowering the Marginalized, Amplifying their Voices

How Technologies are Reinventing Community Media and Public Service Media

New “Architecture” for Public Service Media

Content Generation and Creation for Today’s Public Service Media

New Business Models for Community Media and Public Service Medi


Science and Health Communication

Science and Health Communication in Today’s Challenged World

Post-Pandemic Health Communication

Science Communication in the Curriculum

Health Information Seeking Behavior

Advocating Health Education and Promotion to Policymakers

Environment Communication and Reporting

Issues and Challenges in Environment Communication and Reporting

New and Emerging Areas in Environment Communication and Reporting (Post COP 21)

Best Practices in Environment Communication and Reporting

Advocating Sustainable Policies and Programs to Policymakers 

Agriculture Communication and Reporting

Agriculture Narratives: How to Make Public Impact

How to Promote a Career in Agriculture Communication and Reporting

New “Varieties” (Strategies) in Agriculture Communication and Reporting

Missing Narratives (Stories) in Agriculture Communication and Reporting

Advocating Sustainable Agricultural Policies and Programs to Policymakers


Political Communication

Political Communication and the Disinformation Order

New and Emerging Philosophies in Political Communication

How ICTs are Reshaping Political Communication Actors, Strategies and Tools

Mobile Storytelling and Artificial Intelligence in Political Communication


Culture and Communication

Culture as a Frame in Effective Communication

Intercultural Communication Policies and Practices for Peace and Sustainable Development

Indigenous Communication Strategies

Promoting Cultural Development through Communication

Intergenerational Communication


Journalism Issues and Practices

New Frontier Technologies and Journalism Practices

Data Journalism

Good Governance through Investigative Journalism

Specialized Journalism Reporting (e.g., Migration Reporting)

Safety and Protection of Journalists and Media Workers

Challenges to Mobile Journalism

Mobile Technology  

Mobile Technology and Sustainable Development Goals

Mobile Technology as the Digital Bridge

Mobile Technology and Political Engagement and Development


Digital Technology and Human Relations

Communication Values, Behavior, and Practices of the Alpha Generation

Intergenerational Communication among Asian and African Families and Communities

Mobile Communication and Family Relations

Gender and Relationship Development in AI-Human Relations

Digital Parenting and Children’s Digital Privacy

Digital Research, Regulation, and Inter-Platform Relations

Defining (Cyber) Digital Research Agenda for Asia and Africa

UNESCO Proposed Guidelines for Regulating Digital Platforms

Regulation, Self-Regulation, and Regulated Self-Use: In Search of an Ideal Mix in Government-Platform Relations

Integrated Marketing and Communication

Artificial Intelligence and Digital Marketing

Personalized Customer Relations through Conversational Marketing

Diversity, Equality and Inclusion in Public Relations and Advertising

Data Analytics in Public Relations and Advertising Strategies

Public (Government) Communication

Crisis Communication and Social Media in Government

Initiatives to Bridge Gaps in Communication Skills of Public Communicators

Global Benchmarking for Best Practices in Public Communication